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Seamless Automated Transcriptions, Summaries, and Powerful Reporting Tools at Your Fingertips!


QualiAI – Qualitative Research Reporting Service

Power up your findings

Enhance your qualitative research process and streamline the analysis of interview data.  QualiAI includes:

1.Automated Transcriptions   2.Organized Responses and Summaries and   3.Visual Top-Line Report Slides

All bundled into one convenient price per interview!

First 3 interviews are free! Try it now!  ($35/interview after free trial)

QualiAI service includes:


1. Transcri (QualiAI)

Automated Transcription
  • Chrome extension facilitates effortless transcription from Zoom or Google Meet
  • Transcripts are automatically placed in your secure project folder
  • Transcripts are downloadable

2. Summari (QualiAI)

Organized Responses and Summaries
  • Organized responses for all interviews by interview questions
  • Findings are compiled in an organized dashboard report showing a summary of each interview question, an overall executive summary, and summaries for key business and other questions
  • Response grid and summary dashboard are downloadable to a spreadsheet workbook

3. Reportifi (QualiAI)

Visual Report Slides
  • AI crafted professional top-line report slides
  • Top-line reports include research objectives, executive summary, key finding slides, and business question slides
  • Downloadable slides that can be transferred to your slide template

Meeting Minutes at Your Fingertips!

Transcribe and summarize online meetings (on Zoom or Google Meet)

3 Meetings Free!  Starting at $5/month

Scripti AI Service Includes:

Transcr<span>i</span> (Scripti<sup>AI</sup>)

Transcri (ScriptiAI)

  • Automated transcriptions of meeting discussions
  • Speaker identification
Summar<span>i</span> (Scripti<sup>AI</sup>)

Summari (ScriptiAI)

  • Summarizes  meeting discussion
  • Provides key meeting highlight points
  • Identifies any follow up items
Pricing plans

QualiAI – Qualitative Research Reporting Service Pricing

First 3 interviews are free!  Try it now!

Transcripts, response dashboard with summaries, and top-line report provided.

  • Automate transcriptions (Chrome Extension for easy transcription from Zoom and Google Meet)
  • Organized responses to questions from all interviews
  • Executive summaries and question summaries
  • Visually appealing top-line report slides

Standard Pricing *

$35 /interview $35x (# of interviews) Total Amount

Interview Prepay credits **

$28 /interview 20% Off $1,400 Total Amount

Interview Prepay credits **

$26.25 /interview 25% Off $2,625 Total Amount

Choose Plan

*Additional interview credits can be purchased after the project in initiated.

**Interview credits can be applied to projects after you initiate them

Enterprise accounts available. Please email to learn more

ScriptiAI – Online Meeting Transcription and Summary Service Pricing

First 3 meetings are free!  Try it now!

Automated meeting transcripts and meeting summaries.

  • Automated transcriptions (Chrome Extension for easy transcription from Zoom and Google Meet)
  • Meeting transcript, summary, and follow up items (downloadable)
  • Summary, meeting highlight bullets, and follow up items emailed to you following the meeting

Standard Plan Pricing *

5 meeting credits** /month $5 /month Total Amount

Plus Plan Pricing

20 meeting credits** /month 50% Off $10 /month Total Amount

Choose Plan

*You can upgrade to the Plus Plan at any time

**Meeting credits reset every month (aligned with your monthly plan payment schedule)

Enterprise accounts available. Please email to learn more.

Get the Chrome Extension

Get the Chrome Extension

Add it to Chrome today!

Download the Chrome extension so your online meetings or interviews can be easily transcribed and summarized.  Data will be imported directly to your secure project folder.  

Get the Chrome Extension

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions about the services and billing.

Billing, refunds and cancellations

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Data Security

Will OpenAI or other parties use my data?

Do you store the transcriptions?

Will everyone in the meeting see the transcription?

Do you save the recorded audio?

User Access and Project Details

What if I have additional moderators conducting the research interviews?  Can other moderators or team members have access to the project folder and be able to have their interviews transcribed?

How do I change my account email or password?

Do I need to read the discussion guide questions word for word in order for the question response organization to be accurate?