Our Purpose

Empower Informed Decision-Making through Automated Analysis and Reporting

At Reportifi.ai, our purpose is to empower businesses with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions.  We specialize in automating meeting notes and summaries and commercial analysis reporting.  Through our innovative technology and dedication to accuracy, we are committed to:

  • Simplifying the complex process of analysis reporting
  • Alleviating taxing administrative work and resources
  • Enabling businesses to stay competitive in rapidly changing markets
  • Provide businesses with timely, data driven insights that allow employees to focus on high-value data analysis and strategic decision-making

We believe that by automating and streamlining the reporting process across various dimensions of commercial analysis, we not only provide valuable insights but also free up valuable employee time and resources for data-driven insights to drive growth and success.

We’re only getting started on our journey

At Reportifi.ai, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for data analysis and reporting across various industries. Our commitment to excellence is led by our President and founder, Valerie Tredway, a seasoned marketing and market research professional with over 25 years of invaluable experience in the life sciences, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and biotech sectors.  Valerie’s extensive background and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Reportifi.ai’s vision and mission.. Her passion for accuracy, efficiency, and actionable insights is at the heart of everything we do.

Valerie Tredway

Founder of Reportifi.ai*